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Winsome + Winsome vs Paulette Tajah

Winsome + Winsome vs Paulette Tajah
@ the Indigo 02
27 October 2012 - 23 September 2011

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Winsome biography

Winsome began her recording career in 1985, when she signed to South London record company Fashion Records. Her first release on their ‘Fine Style’ label was a cover of Barbara Acklin’s “Am I The Same Girl” recorded at the Mark Angelo recording studios in Clerkenwell London and had Brinsley Forde, Tony Robinson, Angus Gaye and Bigger Morrison (Aswad) as her session musicians. Deborah Glasgow, Michael Gordon and Winsome originally provided the BV's for her first track, but the girls threw Michael Gordon out of the session for being too much of a perfectionist! These musicians played on Winsome’s first 4 releases for Fashion; “Am I The Same Girl”, “Can't Take The Lies”, “Born Free” and “Homebreaker”.

After a meteoric start which had her travelling Europe and England extensively. In 1987 she performed at Reggae Sunsplash on Clapham Common, England to over 300,000 people. She returned to the studio and recorded a number of duets with some male label mates; “Tonight’s the Night” w/ Gospel Fish, “Hold On” w/ General Levy, “Best Years Of My Life”" w/ Sweetie Irie, “Lets Start Over” w/ Frankie Paul, “Rock With Me Baby” w/ Nerious Joseph and also with some guest featured artists “Superwoman” w/ Tippa Irie. In 1989 both Winsome and Tippa were awarded a gold disc for reaching No.1 with their track. Whilst recording with Frankie Paul he told Winsome to “Sing like you're giving birth!” After their labours, a beautiful track was delivered safely. Whilst still under contract to Fashion Winsome featured on many recordings for other labels such as a French version of Louchie Lou and Michie One’s “Rich Girl” with French DJ Big Boss entitled “Ah! Si Jetais Richie” for French label Bachich and numerous titles for Anthony Brightly’s Sir George label.

Paulette Tajah biography

Paulette Tajah has worked with several producers and record labels including Anthony Brightly (Sir George) & The Mad Professor at Ariwa.

In 1994, Paulette embarked on a project with Tex Johnson and produced an album of well-known lover's rock classics, “Happy Memories,” which was well received and is timeless in its nostalgic appeal.

“Back to the Old Skool,” released in 2001, was a compilation of rare groove classics in a lover's rock style and was well-received. Paulette Tajah has continued to work with various producers and has been promoting herself for over 3 decades.

Tajah has been working on a new EP “Journal of a Butterfly” where she has collaborated closely with the legendary Carlton ‘Bubblers’ Ogilvie and includes new original songs like, “Giving You Up,” on the “Big Frock Riddim,” and, beautifully executed covers like “Still in love.” and “Smile” she also gained new inspiration for the album working with the artist, song writer, composer, musician and producer Richie Davis, to create the song “African Woman,” which has added another dimension to the EP.

Paulette Tajah & Winsome


Paulette Tajah

Paulette Tajah

Paulette Tajah



Winsome - Am I The Same Girl Paulette Tajah - The Old Skool vol 2

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