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Artist booking / venue booking information

There have been many requests by both established and unsigned artists for me to provide
artist-booking information & venue booking details.

We have also had requests to review specific C D's,
as well as live performances.

All the above information will be available to individual artists upon request.
Also, if you feel your music is up to ‘scratch’,
let us know, and we will consider your request regarding reviews etc.
You never know, we may even feature your work on this site?

We embrace individuality and have a passion for all the music
and musicians presented on this site. (Visit music opinion / music talk page).

If you require information regarding specific artist-booking information,
or venue booking details please contact us caroline.michael_valentineuk@yahoo.com.

We will be happy to put you in touch with an agent who we feel will treat you with integrity,
respect and the individuality you deserve.






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