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Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder
@ the 02
30 September 2008

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Stevie Wonder's full biography to follow...

I was reluctant, almost fearful to write anything about this man and his music. This site is a blend of well known - and probably a few unknown facts and figures about artists and musicians I love and respect. How do I begin to share the immense contribution this man has made to the world of music? I will try and keep it brief, as the Internet is already full of information about Stevie Wonder and his music. Most of us – young and ‘not so young’ are aware of at least a small portion of Wonder’s recording catalogue. It is possible that the only person who has a complete record of his contribution is Mr Wonder himself.

Over the years I have gently dismissed comments from friends and music journalists who have shrugged off Wonder’s musical contribution over the past decade. Many people have made comments regarding his recent albums such as:

“Well- Stevie’s latest album is OK, but it’s not “Songs In The Key Of Life”,
or “Music Of My Mind!”

My reply to such degrees of comparison is to normally ask – How would ‘YOU’ improve on the recordings mentioned above? After all – that was then – and this is now!

Michael Jackson also suffers similar ‘comparison attacks’ regarding his more recent work and “Thriller”.

It has been said that Stevie Wonder became too embroiled – and tended to over use digital / synthesiser technology. I would urge all who feel this way to revisit “The Woman In Red” soundtrack (1984), which contain stunning, delicately blended ballads featuring Dionne Warwick, or the cleverly fused, uptempo compostion “Love Light In Flight” from the same album. The “Jungle Fever” soundtrack (1991) also highlights Wonder’s unique play on synthesiser technology. Neither of these albums sound strange or dated when aired today.

One of the many gifts ‘Mr Wonderful’ has to offer is the gift of inspiration.
I was fortunate to catch his performance of “Positivity” on a late night chat show recently. I was immediately energised and started jotting down a few notes on how his music and presence made me feel. Stevie Wonder has produced a sea of wonderful music and many award winning masterpieces, over many decades. The great news is that he is still riding that wave today.

A Time To Love album review

Stevie Wonder’s “A Time To Love” album couldn’t have arrived on my welcome door mat at a better time. I naturally become reflective towards the end of every year and the end of November – beginning of December 2005 was no exception.

As usual - time was not on my side, so I initially settled with examining the C D artwork, reading the personnel listing and song lyrics.

‘Mr. Wonderful’ has the power to inspire by his written words alone. The word ‘GIFTED’ does not nearly describe this man’s master over lyrical content

“A Time To Love” is a lyrically rich complex piece of work, with clear messages within its multi-layered compositions. Just what I would expect from a Stevie Wonder album. Of course there are high points and mid points in this album, but never any low points. We all receive messages differently and in turn process them in our own way. However – Wonder has always been able to reach many with his messages of love, hope and peace. Somehow he is still able to approach and capture emotions from unique angles, the track “Moon Blue” is testament to this. “If Your Love Cannot Be Moved” carries a million political messages within it’s lyrical core for those open enough to receive.

It must be an honour for any musician to get a phone call from Stevie requesting – or accepting collaboration. Wonder must also be extremely proud to have his daughter (Aisha Morris) sing alongside him.

Ms Morris features on at least two tracks, providing a beautiful backdrop for Stevie’s poetic lyrics to… well just flow. (“How Will I Know”). The ballad “True Love” with it’s unusual drum backbeat, carries a jazzy / bluesy slant and possibly gives the listener insight into Wonder’s next venture?

I will say no more regarding this album… I want to listen and indulge.
I suggest you do the same.

Robin Francis
December 2005
© Michael Valentine Studio Ltd

Stevie Wonder & Aisha Morris

Stevie Wonder & Aisha Morris

Stevie Wonder & Aisha Morris

Stevie Wonder


(New York, NY December 8, 2005)
Stevie Wonder picked up five Grammy nominations for the album
"A Time To Love".

For further information on Stevie Wonder you can click www.steviewonder.net

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A ‘Hard’ Day in the Life of a Music Artist photographer

“…Stevie will enter stage left with his daughter (Aisha) and begin to play the harmonica;
you will be permitted to take photographs up to this point.
Stevie will then walk over and sit down at his keyboard:
you will not be permitted to take photographs at this point.
You can proceed with photography when he begins to play the keyboard;
your time limit is 60 seconds!”
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