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Sandra Cross
Sandra Cross
Sandra Cross

Sandra Cross
@ the Indigo 02
27 October 2012 - 23 September 2011

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With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, more than 12 albums and singles which were followed by headlined tours throughout Europe, America and Japan, and 7 international music awards, Sandra Cross is regarded as one of the leading forces of England’s ‘lover’s rock’ era. She has become one of the most successful and respected singing talents coming out of the UK.

Born amongst seven boys to Jamaican parents, and raised in London, England, Cross was introduced to music from the young age of 7 when she was chosen as lead vocalist for the local church choir. Her parents were strict churchgoers, so it was in the Pentecostal church her talent for playing the piano, singing and writing songs was initially discovered.

Cross came of age during the original outbreak of the UK’s lover’ rock movement during the early seventies. After spells of sneaking out at nights squeezing into the back of sound system vans, so that she could sing on dub plates in the local dances, her hunger for the music industry seemed to be reeling out of control. In 1979 she entered a school talent contest with a composition entitled “I Adore You”. She won the contest and accepted the prize of recording the song under the production of a local record producer. However, at the same time, because of her reluctance to attend classes at school, and her spells of running off late at nights to sing, her parents came to the conclusion that they had lost total control of their only daughter and decided to hand her over to the local authorities. Cross was fourteen years old when she was placed into a home for truant children, and it was whilst she was there “I Adore You” went straight to the No.1 spot in the UK reggae charts.

Over the following years, 4 more No.1 hits followed, the biggest to date entitled ‘Country Living’ which spent a whopping 10 weeks at the No.1 spot in the UK and European reggae charts in 1985. Twelve top 10 albums followed as she went on to accumulate popularity and fame in the reggae industry. She became one of the most admired lovers rock singers in the business and earned the title of the BBC listener’s “Britain’s Best Female Reggae Singer” for six consecutive years between 1986 -1991.

Her first exclusive Japanese release, an album entitled “Just a Dream”, was produced and released by Pioneer Records executive Koichi Hanafusa in 1997. This was followed by her second Japanese release entitled “Dreams Come True” released in 1999.

Sandra Cross has worked with international music producers such as The Mad Professor (Ariwa Records,), Lloyd Campbell (Joe Fraser Records,), and Sadiki (SkinnyBoy Productions).

“Laptops and Facebook” is Sandra’s latest album. Produced by West London’s Carlton ‘Dillie’ Mcleod from the Stingray Records stables, and due for release in the spring of 2011, both artist and producer take you on an educational but at the same time melodic voyage into the world of jilted lovers, adultery, and of course the latest craze of laptops and the social networking site Facebook.

Delivering to you an abundance of life experiences relating to all walks of life, Sandra Cross relates, touches, heals and reasons with if not every part, then at least one segment of your life.

Sandra Cross

Sandra Cross Sandra Cross

Sandra Cross

Sandra Cross

Sandra Cross

Sandra Cross

Sandra Cross

Sandra Cross



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