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Tony Kofi
Tony Kofi
Tony Kofi

Tony Kofi
@ the Spitz
11 November 2006


Tony Kofi was born in Nottingham to West African parents. His musical journey began after attending a series of workshops in Leicester, run by Nick Hislam.

After receiving a full scholarship, Kofi attended the legendary Berkley College of Music in Boston Mass, USA. Here he would share invaluable experience with the likes of Ernie Watts, Andy Magee and Billy Pierce.

Kofi was a member of the UK’s Jazz Warriors from 1991, he also played a vital role in Gary Crosby’s Nu Troop. Kofi continued to impress critics, fans and fellow musicians throughout the 1990’s with his hard work ethic. Acclaim would come from many sources. The list of musicians he has performed, or shared a stage with is impressive:

Branford Marsalis, Billy Higgins,Claude Deppa’s A.J.E & Horns Unlimited, Byron Wallen’s Indigo, Clifford Jarvis, Courtney Pine, Cheikh Tidiane Fall Quintet, Digable Planets, Donald Byrd, Dr Lonnie Smith, Eddie Henderson, Jean Toussaint big band, Julian Joseph big band, Jazz Jamaica all stars, Jullian Arguelles, Queen Latifah, Salt’n Pepper, Ralph Moore, The David Murray Big Band, Us-3, The Township Express Orchestra, Tim Richards’ Great Spirit, The Grand Union orchestra, Andrew Hill’s Anglo-American Big Band, Sam Rivers Rivbea orchestra, and Lucky Ranku’s African jazz all stars.

As well as the above achievements, Kofi has composed music and performed with The Kofi Trio, the Afro Jazz Family (a ten-piece group) and the World Saxophone Quartet. Since 2000, Kofi has worked with Jonathon Gee, Ben Hazleton, and Winston Clifford with featured artist, Orphy Robinson (vibes & Marimba). The result is an acclaimed collection of Thelonious Monk compositions, all 70 of which were performed in a marathon 6 hour set at the 2003 London Jazz Festival. The Quartet’s album “All is know” received the 2005 Jazz Parliamentary award, as well as the 2005 BBC Jazz award for best ensemble & best album.

The most recent Tony Kofi Trio + 1 consists of Tony Kofi (saxophones) Byron Wallen (trumpet) Anders Olinder Ob B3 Hammond Organ and Winston Clifford on drums. This group also augments into a six-piece band including Robert Fordjour (drums) Cameron Pierre (guitar) and Donald Gamble (percussion).

Musicians: Tony Kofi – soprano / tenor & baritone saxophones,
Byron Wallen – trumpet, Andrew Noble – keyboard, Winston Clifford – drums

Robin Francis
© Michael Valentine Studio

Byron Wallen

Byron Wallen Byron Wallen


Tony Kofi

Tony Kofi

Tony Kofi & Byron Wallen

Byron Wallen

Byron Wallen



Future Passed Tony Kofif Quartet plays Monk -  All is Know



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Tony Kofi @ The  (Click to go to his page) Corey Mwamba @ Southbank Centre's / Royal Festival Hall (Click to go to his page)

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