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Julia Biel
Julia Biel
Julia Biel

Julia Biel
@ the Spitz
16 November 2006

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Singer / songwriter, Julia Biel’s stairway to wider recognition began when she won the Perrier Vocalist of the Year Award in 2000. Her highly acclaimed, self produced debut album “Not Alone” was released in 2005.

Critics have compared Biel with artists such as Alison Goldfrapp, Suzanne Vega, Rickie Lee Jones, Thom Yorke, Billie Holiday and Bjork. Such varied comparisons have left even the most learned music lover slightly confused, but this confusion has worked in Biel’s favour due to the experimental nature of fans of the above named artists.

Biel previously worked with various members of the celebrated F-IRE collective including Mercury nominated drummer Sebastian Rochford and Jonny Philips. Philips also co-wrote Biel’s debut album, as well as being part of her acclaimed on-stage musician line-up.


For me, the confusion regarding Julia Biel’s music continued during, and long after her Spitz gig. I just did not get it! Or perhaps I am not quite ready to receive? Yes – Biel carries a beguiling presence on, and off stage, and her ‘in a zone’ focus is apparent for all to see, and feel. Unfortunately, all the above attributes did not fully translate into what I consider to be an all round satisfying spiritual / musical experience.

Julia Biel - vocals / piano
Idris Rahman - flute / clarinet / vocals
Ben Davis - cello
Jonny Phillips - guitar
Jasper Hioby - double bass
Seb Rochford - drums

Robin Francis
© Michael Valentine Studio Ltd.


Julia Biel

Julia Biel

Julia Biel

Julia Biel



Not Alone

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