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Musical Fidelity M8s 700m monobloc
Musical Fidelity M8s 700m
monobloc power amplifier
Experience Review 2

Musical Fidelity M8s 700m monobloc

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...Considering the alleged incompatibly issue of the M8 500s power amplifier with my MartinLogan Scenario electrostatic speakers, I have to consider the fact the M8s 700m monobloc power amplifier is a similar ‘bridged design’ but with higher specification (and dual) power supplies. I will be keeping a very close ear to my speakers to ensure I do not hear any form of degradation in sound quality...

During the first week of October 2020, much of the UK (like most of the world) was (and still is) learning how to decipher changing government rules and guidance regarding ‘the virus’. Schools were reopening, the rule of six was introduced with businesses all doing their very best to adapt. The UK weather also took a turn for the worst with a noticeable drop in temperature with significant rainfall normally reserved for the Guinea, Solomon Islands!

Now, I can cope with the above, BUT I am finding it difficult to cope with what happened next…

“… this is not about hi-fi, this more about a musical experience. The band is right here in front of me!” A quote from a passionate music lover as he sat in my listening chair Saturday 3 October as I showcased my new M8s 700m monoblocs.

And then the music died! Well not exactly.

As we explored various albums, reveling in specific passages, drum patterns and vocals, we began to experience the now classic Musical Fidelity M8 (anti-ESL) trademark. Slow loss of dynamics and overall musical magic. The music just seemed to have gone south for the winter.


Trigon Monolog power amplifiers

Again, to insure my MartinLogan Scenario ESL panels were still on song, I employed the assistance of a pair of Trigon Monolog power amplifiers (provided by Audio Emotion HIFI dealership). As expected, musical dynamics returned as soon as these power amplifiers were deployed. I advised Musical Fidelity and Henley Audio of my findings and hopefully the communication drawbridge has not been lifted!

After various email exchanges and brief verbal discussions with a few learned hi-fi enthusiasts, it is of strong belief the power supply/s are the issue (or at least part of the issue).The Trigon Monolog power amplifier design pays specific attention to the internal power supply, therefore providing a stable and reliable feed. Users have confirmed they have no issues driving MartinLogan ESL’s.

This is obviously unbelievably frustrating! When on song, the M8s 700m monoblocs have tough ‘musical boots’ to fill and I adored my short time with them, BUT I now have to confirm the M8 range of amplifiers (M8s 500s & M8s 700m monobloc) are not compatible with MartinLogan ESL’s in their current form in my opinion.

I have begged Musical Fidelity to investigate the above. I have even suggested funding some type of revision to the M8s 700m monobloc design ‘power supply/s or otherwise’.(As long as I do not have sell my house or any body parts)!

The M8s 700m monoblocs were returned to their substantial cardboard boxes. I waited in hope for a response from Musical Fidelity (of any type) but unfortunately this did not happen.

The Trigon Monolog power amplifiers were returned to Audio Emotion within two weeks. It was reassuring to hear the consistency in musical delivery these sturdily built amplifiers offered to my MartinLogan Scenario ESL’s, but I was not hearing the openness and full tonal spectrum I knew my Scenarios could deliver. To get the absolute best from the Trigon Monolog’s it was clear they needed to be partnered with the Trigon Dialog Reference Preamplifier. Unfortunately the Trigon Dialog Reference Preamplifier was not available and there was no eta as to when it would be, so I was forced to move on.

Onwards and upwards…

Take a close look at the Electrocompaniet Nemo (AW600) Mono Block Power Amplifier
& the Sanders Sound Systems Magtech Monoblock power amplifier Experience Reviews

Complete system details & configuration

AMG Viella V12 turntable with AMG Teatro MC & AMG reference tonearm cable
Phono stage & interconnect cables. Whest PS.40RDT Special Edition phono stage
with Kimber Select KS-1116 XLR interconnect cable

CD player
Musical Fidelity A3 CD player (internally upgraded).
Van Den Hul The Second Analogue Interconnect cables

Musical Fidelity M8s 700m Monobloc power amplifiers (when they worked) x 2
Trigon Monolog power amplifiers x 2
with Musical Fidelity M8PRE preamplifier
Luminist Revision Poseidon XLR balanced cables

MartinLogan Scenario hybrid electrostatic speakers with Kimber 12TC speaker cable
REL S3/SHO subwoofer (connected via standard RCA cables via low level input)

Quadraspire Q4 EVO turntable wall bracket. Quadraspire Q4 EVO 4 tier shelf

Power & mains cables
Russ Andrews BMU 3000 for preamplifer, CD player & phonostage
Michael Valentine Studio Silver Gold Special Edition BMU for subwoofer only
Powerkord 300 mains cables for BMU’s, amplifiers, preamplifier & subwoofer

Robin Francis
© Michael Valentine Studio
8 October 2020


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